Getting started with WooCommerce Quickview


To install the plugin:

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Click Choose File, and choose the zip file you received after purchase.
  3. Once uploaded, click activate plugin.
  4. The plugin is now installed and activated.
  5. The settings panel can be found under WooCommerce > Quickview. Here you can adjust a variety of settings, all with detailed explanations.

Frontend Usage

Once activated, simply open a category page on your WooCommerce store. When you hover over a product image you will see the Quickview icon appear at the bottom left.

By clicking the Quickview icon, a modal box will appear. Your potential customer can then:

  • View the important product information, including: Price, Description and Variations.
  • Add the product to their cart, via ajax or page reload.
  • View all images of the product.

Available Hooks

The following is a list of hooks available in the plugin, making it easy to customise:

  • jckqv-before-description
  • jckqv-after-description
  • jckqv-before-addtocart
  • jckqv-after-addtocart
  • jck_qv_images
  • jckqv-before-images
  • jckqv-after-images
  • jck_qv_summary
  • jck_qv_after_summary
  • jckqv-before-meta
  • jckqv-after-meta
  • jckqv-before-price
  • jckqv-after-price
  • jckqv-before-rating
  • jckqv-after-rating
  • jckqv-before-title
  • jckqv-after-title

Modifying a Template

Quickview comes with a variety of template files that build up the modal display. You can modify these by copying any of the files in  /wp-content/plugins/jck-qoo-quickview/templates to /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/jck-woo-quickview.

Although it is possible to do the above, I'd recommend using the hooks, rather than modifying a whole template, in order to prevent any conflicts with future updates.

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