Getting started with WooCommerce Delivery Slots


To install the plugin:

  1. Open wp-admin and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Click Choose File, and choose the zip file you received after purchase.
  3. Once uploaded, click activate plugin.
  4. The plugin is now installed and activated.


Configuring the Delivery Slots plugin couldn’t be easier.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Delivery Slots. Here you will find a variety of Options, namely General Settings, Date Settings, Time Settings, Holidays, and Reservation Table.

General Settings

  • Checkout Fields Position
    Where would you like the date and time slot picker to apepar during checkout.
  • Checkout Fields Position Priority
    Move the date and time picker fields above/below other fields at the same position. Lower numbers (1) are higer up the page, higher numbers (60) are further down the page.
  • Shipping Methods
    Enable delivery slots only for the checked methods. To enable for all methods, just select Any Method.

Date Settings

Date Setup

These options relate specifically to the datepicker field at the checkout.

  • Mandatory Field?
    When enabled, this field will be required at checkout.
  • Show Description?
    Show the date field description at checkout.
  • Theme
    Select a datepicker theme. It uses jQuery UI.

Date Settings

These options are for setting up date selection conditions.

  • Delivery Days
    Select the days that you deliver on.
  • Minimum/Maximum Selectable Date Method
    When setting a minimum/maximum selectable date, you can choose if that applies to all days, allowed days only, or weekdays only. See below for minimum/maximum selectable date explanations.
  • Skip Current Day if Not an Allowed Delivery Day?
    When checked, this will start the minimum date calculation from the first allowed delivery day.
  • Minimum Selectable Date
    The minimum selectable date is the first day from now that is selectable at checkout. Same day is 0, next day is 1, and so on.
  • Maximum Selectable Date
    The maximum selectable date is the last day from now that is selectable at checkout. If you only allow deliveries to be booked up to 2 weeks in advance, you can set this to 14 (days).
  • Only allow deliveries within the current week?
    Sometimes you only want deliveries to be selectable during the current week only. If so, enable this option.
  • Last Day of the Week
    Used in conjunction with the above, select the last day of your delivery week.
  • Date Format
    Format the date at checkout and in the final order. View available formats.

Time Settings

Time Setup

These options relate specifically to the time slot field at the checkout.

  • Enable Time Slots
    You can use the datepicker by itself, or enable time slots by checking this option.
  • Mandatory Field?
    When enabled, this field will be required at checkout.
  • Show Description?
    Show the time picker description at checkout.
  • Time Format Select the time format, used at checkout and in all order details.

Time Slot Configuration

These options relate specifically to your time slots.

  • Allow Bookings Up To (x) Minutes Before Slot
    Disable a slot if there is less than (x) minutes before the slot's start time. This can span multiple days.
  • Disable Same Day Delivery if Current Time is After (x)
    If current time is after (x), disable same day deliveries.
  • Disable Next Day Delivery if Current Time is After (x)
    If current time is after (x), disable next day deliveries.
  • Timeslots
    • From
      The start time of this time slot.
    • To
      The end time of this time slot.
    • Allow Bookings Up To (x) Minutes Before Slot
      Overrides the default "Allow Bookings Up To (x) Minutes Before Slot" setting for this slot. Leave blank to use the default value.
    • Lockout
      Lockout if a timeslot has received (x) bookings on any one day.
    • Postcodes (WooCommerce v2.5.5 and below)
      Restrict this timeslot to a postcode, postcode range, or postcode wildcard. Enter multiple postcode options by separating with a comma.
    • Range: Enter a range by using the hyphen (-) symbol, e.g. 1000-2000.
    • Wildcard: Use the astericks symbol as a wilcard, e.g. CV2*. This will allow all postcodes starting with CV2.
    • Shipping Methods (WooCommerce v2.6.0 and above)
      You can now restrict a timeslot to a specific shipping method, based on zones. As the new zones feature of WooCommerce allows for postcode parameters, this has been stripped from Delivery Slots in favour of selecting a shipping method. Select "Any Method" to have the timeslot show for all shipping methods.
    • Fee
      If this timeslot is chosen, add an additional fee at checkout.
    • Days
      Restrict this timeslot to specific days. Select all days for no restriction.


  • Holidays
    Enter any holidays where deliveries cannot be made.
    • From
      The start date of the holiday period.
    • To
      The end date of a holiday period. For a single date, leave this field empty and just enter a "From" date. Holidays are up to and including this date.
    • Name
      A name for this holiday. Admin reference only.

Reservation Table

WooCommerce Delivery Slots comes with a reservation table shortcode [jckwds]. This allows your customers to reserve a slot while they do their shopping. Note: Time slots are required for the reservation table to work.


  • Expiration
    A reserved slot will expire after (x) minutes.
  • Date Columns
    How many date columns to show at one time.
  • Selection Type
    The timeslot cell can show the fee or a checkbox.
  • Header Date Format
    The format of the date heading for each column.

Table Styling

Styling options for the reservation table.

  • Header Cell Colour
  • Header Cell Border Colour
  • Header Cell Font Colour
  • Arrow Icon Colour
  • Arrow Icon Hover Colour
  • Reserve Cell Colour
  • Reserve Cell Border Colour
  • Reserve Icon Colour
  • Reserve Icon Hover Colour
  • Unavailable Cell Colour
  • Reserved Cell Colour
  • Reserved Cell Border Colour
  • Reserved Icon Colour
  • Loading Icon Colour
  • Lock Icon Colour

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