Product specific settings overview

Every product has a new WooThumbs settings tab with the following options available:

  • Disable WooThumbs?
    This will disable the WooThumbs gallery for this particular product.
  • Video URL
    Enter a video URL to add a video to your product. The video will open in the fullscreen gallery. You can enter most popular video hosting site URLs here, like Vimeo or YouTube. You can also embed media directly into the product gallery.

If you are working with a variable product, you'll also see the following options:

  • Maintain Slide Index?
    When checked, the slide index will be maintained upon changing images. For example, if you're viewing the second image in the slider, and change variation, the second image will be selected from the new images.
  • Maintain Gallery?
    When checked, the image gallery for the parent product will also be applied to the product variations, alongside any additional images you've added.

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