Multiple images per variation

Adding additional images to your product variations is easy.

  1. Navigate to a variable product.
  2. Click the Variations tab.
  3. Expand one of the variations.
  4. Click the link labelled Add additional images. The media gallery will popup.

  5. Select 1 or more additional images, and then click Add to variation.
  6. You will now see the additional images listed in your variation tab. It's important to note that you should still add a default "featured" image to your variation.

  7. Once you've done this for all required variations, either Update your product, or click the Save Changesbutton.

Reorder the Additional Images

Once you've added your additional images, you can simply drag and drop to reorder them.

Remove an Additional Image

If you've changed your mind about an image, simply click it to remove it. You can always add it back again by clicking   Add additional images.

Manage additional images in bulk

WooThumbs bulk allows you to add additional images to your variations in bulk. Simply navigate to   WooCommerce > WooThumbs > Bulk Edit where you will see the following page:

You can search for variations by the variable product ID, change the number of variations per page, and easily navigate between pages of variations.

Once you've found the variations you want to edit, simply enter a comma separated list of image attachment IDs, and then click  Update. No spaces.

The bulk page requires that your images have already been uploaded to the WordPress media gallery. This is also where you can find the attachment ID.

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