Adding fees to attribute values

From version 1.2.0 of WooCommerce Attribute Swatches you have the ability to add additional fees to specific attribute values. For example, if your customer chooses a material of "Gold" for your product, you can add $10 to the base price of the variation.

Adding fees is simple:

  1. Navigate to the WordPress admin area.
  2. Click Products.
  3. Find the variable product you want to edit, and click Edit.
  4. Scroll down to the Attributes tab in the Product Data section.
  5. Expand the attribute you'd like to add fees to.
  6. Scroll to the Fees section and enter your fee values beside each attribute value.
  7. Click Save Attributes.

Now when viewing the product on the frontend of your store, those attribute values will have additional fees assigned to them.

Things to note

  • If you're using the default select dropdowns, the fees will not be listed in the dropdown. The fees will still be applied when adding to cart. This should change in WooCommerce 3.6.0 and the fees will be presented alongside the attribute value label.
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