Available Hooks: Actions and Filters

Hooks are a great feature of WordPress which allow you to change or add code without editing core files. 

There's are two types of hook available; actions and filters.

  • Actions
    An action allows you to insert or run code at a specific point.
  • Filters
    A filter allows you to modify the data that is returned in a function or method.

I wrote an article about  how to use hooks on the Iconic blog.

Hook Type File
iconic_pc_after_layers action iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_before_get_image_layer action iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_before_layers action iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_image_layers filter iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_images_wrapper_classes filter iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_localize_script filter iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_query_string_attributes filter iconic-woo-product-configurator.php
iconic_pc_set_images filter inc/class-product.php
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