Add a group of custom fields

Custom fields can be added to the variation edit tab in groups, with a title. This is primarily for the admin experience, on the frontend the field group will have no relevance.

Let's get started:

  1. Navigate to Products > Variation Field Groups.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Give your field group a title. This will be used to define the group section in the variaition edit tab.
  4. Under Fields click Add Field.
  5. Here you have a number of options:
    • Add Field
      • Field Label
        This is the label an admin user will see for the field.
      • Field Type
        Select the type of field you'd like to use. These are: text, textarea, select, checkboxes, radio. The type of field you choose may enable additional fields.
      • Field Description
        Enter a description of the field, for admin eyes only.
      • Field Options
        Conditional: If you choose the field type as select, checkboxes, or radio button, this field will appear. Enter the otpions for your field, 1 option per line.
    • Product Page Display Options
      • Show Label?
        Show the label on the frontend?
      • Label Position
        If yes, should it be above or to the left of the field value(s).
      • Display as
        Conditional: If you chose checkboxes as your field type, this field will appear. Display your field values on the frontend as a list (ul HTML markup), or a comma separate list.
  6. Once you have configured your field, click Add Field.
  7. You can now add another field in the same way, or edit the field you just added by hovering the field item and clicking Edit. You can also remove the field by hovering the item and clicking Bin.
  8. Once you have added all the fields you require, click Publish.
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