Show only one of each colour (or other attribute) in the catalog

Let's say you sell t-shirts. You sell red, green, and blue t-shirts in sizes small, medium, and large.

You want to show the different colour variations in your catalog pages, but it doesn't make sense to show 3 red t-shirts, 3 green, and 3 blue. Ideally, we'd show 1 t-shirt in each colour.

Fortunately, with Show Single Variations that is possible.

  1. For each colour, choose a combination that is most consistently in stock; for example, Red Medium, Green medium, and Blue Medium.

  2. Set those three variations to "Show in Catalog".

  3. The key thing to do now, is check "Disable Add to Cart". This means rather than allowing the product button to add the item straight to cart, the customer will be guided through to the single product page with the variation options preselected. Here they could change the size and then add to cart.

And there we go; your product's colour options are visible in the catalog, without forcing a specific size on the customer.

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