Configure variation visibility

Once you've run the Process Product Visibility task, you should be ready to start configuring the visibility of your product variations.

Set a variation to be visible in the catalog

The "catalog" includes the main shop page, any category page, and shortcodes.

  1. Navigate to your variable product edit page.

  2. Expand the variation you would like to edit.

  3. You will see some new checkboxes that weren't available before; Show in Search Results, Show in Filtered Results, Show in Catalog, Featured, and Disable "Add to Cart".

  4. Click Show in Catalog?

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.

That variation will now be visible in the catalog. To check, go to the frontend of your website.

Because the variation we selected to show in catalog has "Any Size..." selected for the Size attribute, the button we see says "Select options". This will lead the customer to the single product page where they can select any remaining options and add the product to the cart.

If our variation defined a size, then this button would read "Add to cart", and the product could be added to cart right from the catalog page. You can switch this button back to saying "Select options" by ticking the Disable "Add to Cart" checkbox on the variation edit screen.

Other visibility options

As you saw, you can also set a variation to show in search results and filtered results. The three toggles give you the flexibility to have your product variations appear only when you want them to.

Visibility Overview

To be clear, here is an overview of the visibility options:

  • Show in Catalog
    Shows the variation on the shop page, category pages, and most shortcodes.
  • Show in Filtered
    Shows the variation when the collection is filtered using the default WooCommerce Layered Nav widgets.
  • Show in Search
    Shows the variation only when the customer performs a search on your shop.
  • Featured
    When featured, the variation will show in any featured product sections, including the featured shortcode.
  • Disable "Add to Cart"
    As described above, this changes the catalog "Add to cart" button to "Select options".

Change the variation catalog title

You can change the product title for each variation independently. For example, you may want our example product to say "Ship Your Idea - Red".

  1. When editing the variation, scroll down to the Display Options section.

  2. Enter your new title into the Title field.

  3. Click Save Changes. (Click out of the Title field for the Save Changes button to become active).

  4. The title will now be changed on the frontend.

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